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Off the Grid – Reconnection Lamp to promote real human connection

18 Apr , 2016,
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At my work at The Sound we’ve been exploring the perceived fringes of culture to illuminate how emerging ways of being are shaping mass culture and changing the human condition. We call it Fringestream and it’s a new way of thinking about mass behaviours and values.

One of the topics we are looking at is Living Off The Grid where people are starting to question their relationship with technology and the negative effects it can have on relationships and human connection. Studies have shown people are day-dreaming less, drinking less, and even having sex less – in part due to our constant connection to our technological devices.


This gave me a little idea to create an “Off the Grid Lamp”. The lamp can only be switched on by both people hiding their mobile phones in specially designed pockets in the back of the light – thus forcing couples to stop looking at their phones and start looking at each other! – as this adoring couple illustrates:


Some close up images:













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