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A People-Centred approach to overcoming our housing challenges

Opening up the newspaper on any given day will show you that it is a bleak time to be a young person in London. House prices are currently increasing at 5 times the rate of wages, taking money from those who don’t own and giving it to those who do. Young people are hit hardest; […]

5 Nov, 2017 jakspencer_475whryd

Off the Grid – Reconnection Lamp to promote real human connection

At my work at The Sound we’ve been exploring the perceived fringes of culture to illuminate how emerging ways of being are shaping mass culture and changing the human condition. We call it Fringestream and it’s a new way of thinking about mass behaviours and values. One of the topics we are looking at is Living Off […]

18 Apr, 2016 jakspencer_475whryd

The role of the designer in a changing society

The design of everyday products and services is one of the key factors that shapes the evolving nature of societal change. It is a complex issue whereby new innovations may spark social structural change, or social change sparks new innovations. One example from  Hans Rosling’s brilliant TED talk is the invention of the washing machine, […]

13 Feb, 2016 jakspencer_475whryd

Feminine Values Driving Sustainable Business

I recently attended the Sustainable Brands conference in London and was impressed by the turnout and quality of the presentations. One of the things that was evidently clear from the presentations over the two days is the prominence of feminine values in businesses that take sustainable growth seriously. Within my own research I have used […]

13 Feb, 2016 jakspencer_475whryd

We’re People, Not Consumers!

As a designer I’ve always been taught to understand people as users. People use the products and services they purchase. They interact with them at various stages throughout the product-person relationship. I don’t consume my smart phone, I use it. I use my coffee percolator, not consume it. I use Starbucks (the service), not consume […]

13 Feb, 2016 jakspencer_475whryd

Looking at different cultures to inspire innovation

We know that the successful adoption of new technologies can only be effective if we understand the precise needs, values and motivations of the user in their context. Implementing successful innovations is a delicate mix of matching the right technology with the behaviours of the user. Understanding the behaviour of users (business people read: consumers) […]

11 Jan, 2016 jakspencer_475whryd